Unpleasant Service Experience - Ather Space Tirupur

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I and my Brother Selva @withselva7 went to Drop his Ather 450x Gen 3 for 4th aka 20k Periodic Service

We both Reached by 5 PM, and No one was there to Attend to take Job card

Then 6’o Clock Service Advisor took a Spin and Came with an Answer of “ Vehicle is all Good and Just General Service Enough? ”

Then I took his Job and Become Service Advisor,

  1. Cone Set Issue - This One We are Mentioning from Periodic Service 1

  2. Belt got Cracks

  1. Front Pads

These Many Issues were Unnoticed by Service Advisor

Monday Evening We dropped Vehicle for Service and They said We will deliver Your Vehicle by Tuesday EOD (30/01/2024)

Tuesday :

Evening We called to check Status for Delivery, They said Belt Out of Stock ( If They informed us earlier I might Visited Erode SC on Tuesday )

Then Asked for a Day, We gave Enough Time again

Wednesday Evening, Selva went to Take Vehicle - Then Started Towards Home (60 KMs)

After Starting from SC, My Brother felt something Very Abnormal on the Handling - Right there itself He called Service Advisor (Ajith) And Not Surprisingly No Response from Him - No Call Back Either

After Reaching Home, Selva called me and I wasn’t available by the Time. So He sent me Few Voice Messages and Video

Vehicle moves like Snake and Quick Cutting Left or Right will End in Fall. I will tell the Issue Later in this Post👍

Also He mentioned Not even They charged or Test Drived my Vehicle till Tuesday Evening. How come they will Arrest the Cone Set Issue.

So I asked him for Screenshot (If Any). The Same Customer Shared me.

I made sure to Collect Picture Info’s Too :slightly_smiling_face:

Escalated to Area Service Manager (OEM) :

Before Dropping the Vehicle, I spoke with ASM and Mentioned the Cone Set Issue there on this Vehicle Since Purchase.

Few Attachments regarding the Issue :

Service 1 :

(Ref : Vehicle One Side Pulling)

Service 2 :

Issue was there But Not Mentioned on Job Card

Service 3 :

(Mentioned as Head Stock Adjustment - The Same Issue)

Service 4 : (Current Periodic Service)

Since We Received Vehicle on Wednesday Evening and Thursday Evening again I spoke with ASM, Sent the Video and Voice Messages.

They asked me, Is it possible to Bring Vehicle to Tirupur. Then I spoke with Selva Regd this. Brother said, No Shoulders pains alot than Before. Better ask for RSA.

Also I said I dont want to Drop it back in Tirupur SC. So Arrange RSA to Coimbatore Ram Nagar SC (Same Rajdurais RP) and It almost took 2 Days.

Saturday Evening We got Our RSA at Udumalpet, Tirupur

Vehicle Reached Ram Nagar SC by EOD Saturday Feb 03/2024 :+1:

Again They asked Sometime to Work on the Issue :

We agreed till Wednesday ( 07-02-2024 ) and Thursday Morning we need Vehicle Back

Wednesday Evening They called me and Said Vehicle is Ready but I am not ready to Trust Them - Then Asked for a Video. As Expected Issue wasn’t not Rectified

Video :

Screen Shot :

Friday - (09/02/2024)

As I assumed, The Left Side Very Tight to turn on Roads. Yesterday Me and Mr.Aashik (Floor Incharge)

Tested the Vehicle and Both of Us confirmed There is an Issue on the Left Turn. Then They again Asked me to Come Tirupur or Drop it in Coimbatore Itself for 2 Days till Tuesday :face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes::face_with_spiral_eyes:

I said, Brother I came to Coimbatore only to Take the Vehicle. Again Coming going back on Bus and Coming back is a Nightmare to Me :neutral_face:

I will take the Vehicle and Drop it in Tirupur on Monday ( 12-04-2024 ) Then I called @withselva7

Explained Everything, He said No More Rajdurai’s - Whatever Coimbatore Nor Tirupur

And I took Vehicle straight to Ather Service Center II (Mettupalyalam Road aka Anaamalais Ather)

There I met Service Manager Saran and Team, Asked em to Check the Vehicle w/o Mentioning about the Process Happened on Rajdurais Tirupur and Coimbatore, Simultaneously I spoke with Their ASM (2) for Solution. He said Drop in Anaamalais I will ask them to Check.

But I don’t have Time, I wish to drop here but My Work Plans will not allow me Coming Back to Coimbatore. So Requested him to Speak with Erode SC Team. Just 35 KMs from Home Where CBE is 65 KMs (Anaamalais)

I can’t even Ride this Vehicle from Coimbatore to Home, Heavy Shoulder Pain :unamused::neutral_face:

Now Finalised to Visit Tomorrow (12-02-2024) Ather Space Erode for Solution

More than Service Issue I see this as Manufacturing Defect in First Place :

As I mentioned Above We have this On this Gen 3 from the Beginning, @withselva7 used to Tell But I negligent his Words saying Maybe Tyre Issue :person_facepalming:t2:

Now We changed Front Tyre at 20k (Thats another Topic)

Coming to the Point : It’s Razor Kit Manufacturing Defect

Currently from Gen 3 and Above, Ather Using Different Razor Kit - That is not Sitting Properly on Cone Set and T Joint

Ref : Gen 3 with New Razor Kit

Actually Our Old Razor kit was Good and Capable of Doing its Purpose

Now I will add Old vs New Razor Kits Picture.

(Old Razor Kit with Retainer Nut)


(New Razor Kit with Retainer Nut on Left Side - Old Razor Kit)

My Question to Team Ather : Old Retainer Nut is Most Reliable But Why this Unwanted Change - That Spoils Both Customer and Company’s Peace of Mind :smiling_face_with_tear:

Final Inspection Lethargicness :

Tirupur Service Center’s Final Inspection After Service is Nightmare to Any Atherites. Because They just dropped the Boot Box with Nuts kept Inside + Boot Inside a Cap will be there for Data Cable ( That Went Missing after Service)

Pictures for Reference below :

Boot Nuts :

Data Cable Cap :


This level of service is absolutely unacceptable, especially when you pay a premium to buy a vehicle like the Ather. I feel for you and hope your woes get noticed and are rectified soon.


Yeah I will get Solution Tomorrow Once I visit Erode Service Center

But 100s of Coimbatore Tirupur Erode Customers Suffering (Suffered) a lot by this Rajdurai’s Pvt Ltd

I spoke a lot about this in Twitter and OEM ASM’s Whoever been Part of These Places Knows Well about them

Also CC Complaints History there, Even Tarun , Ravneet and Ather Energy Twitter Handle knows well about this Particular Retail Partner :neutral_face:

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I am at loss of words to express what I feel here. It’s pure mental agony. I have specified this particular issue with the service centre numerous times and every time I’ll get the same exact response:

“Sir, the issue is with the tyres. Not with the vehicle”

Stupid response, right?

They are not even trying to understand that there is a mistake at manufacturer’s side and even if it is covered under warranty, they are unwilling to find the issue at first place.

Ather is the better engineered product of the lot. I love this company and the product so much that I have booked 450Apex regardless of the issues I am facing with service. I have even already made up my mind to buy Rizta when it arrives. In love with the product already.

I’m frustrated to the core with this issue and am already started hating the brand because of these incompetent service team. Tarun and Swapnil built this company from scratch and the small events like these will pile up to destroy the reputation slowly but surely.

Maybe I haven’t experienced any other service centre other than Rajdurai’s. Maybe they will be good. I don’t know. At least for now this is how I feel. It’s not regarding this particular issues, but the overall experience of owning Ather.

If this is how Ather management and service team will respond to a customer who supports them even when there is problem on their side, god help them.

@chef.arun7 :v:t2::pray:t2:


Selva na, Since You mentioned about RP’s

As You know, I have done Service in Multiple SC’s and This is The Worst One. My Bad You trusted them a lot Bro.

Also This I made as a Review of SC or First investigation Report of Our Issue :person_facepalming:t2:

God knows What :person_shrugging: My Guilt is How come We suggest it to Our Friends and Family in Future :unamused:

My Eyes Hurt :face_with_spiral_eyes:

As you know it already Tiruppur RP is nearest my home location @chef.arun7. I think that the service at every RP should be at the same quality level regardless of the location.

Even though much costlier to own, I love the experience that BMW has to offer. Maybe I have spoiled by them.

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@tarun You know about Rajdurai’s Retail Partner

They are Spoiling Ather’s Reputation :unamused:

No Need to Any Customers Just ask the Previous Service ASM’s, Even RP Treated Our ASM Poor AFAI Heard from the Employees There :face_exhaling::neutral_face:

God, Help All

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I think they are not doing servicing properly and also not focusing on the needs of the customers. They are working to provide a service not to order people. :confused: I know it’s difficult to visit the service center again and again but they should fix all issues with proper checks. They should ask for extra time but should give the correct resolution with customer satisfaction. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also this topic showing me that this topic will be closed after 7 days why any reasons?

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The cone set issue is a manufacturing defect for sure. My Gen3 also has it even before the 5k service and the service guy straight up denies saying that’s normal. I unfortunately don’t have time to make rounds of SCs so I’m just ignoring it :confused:

Will hopefully get it fixed at 10k service.


They are lethargic in every front. Pls ask them to mention cone set issue on job card. It will be helpful for future issues. It serves as a record.


Bro In Gen 2, We dont have that Issue

Because of the Old Razor Kit, New Razor Kit on Gen 3 and Above Variants

You can their Picture References in my Post Bottom

Also Check on Your Vehicle Too :+1:

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Saw a few posts earlier don’t ask me when about this experience. Hope it gets rectified.

Who got Banned?

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What is Ather speaker wattage

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Ram nagar service centre kita poi 1 yr aaga pogudhu… !!