Unlock top speed to 120 km/hr in Warp mode

This will be really appealing feature even to the buyers as it can compete with other makers in the market. Atleast make it exclusively to pro pack in warp mode. The bike is very capable of doing so.


even though current motor is capable of handling more 2k rpm Ather just wont do it,they dont give features that dont even alter ride so just forget this happening in current design without them making a complete new bigger motor


This will never happen to current gen scooter. It’s already certified by the government.

No use of wasting a vote here, Ather must have mentioned these in homologation and they so incompetent to file an amendment hence this can’t happen.

PS. You just gave them the tagline of Ather 450x gen5.


also a thing to add Ather has great dynamics but going that fast on a scooter with 12 inch tyres is really scary as per my experince on OLA S1 Pro,we will also need much better braking system with ABS which will increase the cost by 15k easily.This thing already costs 1.82L onroad :skull:


They can’t implement this feature, even if the motor is capable of doing so, the rest of the scooter is not, everything has to be improved over it, like tyres, bearings, scooter dynamics, suspension, and belts.


Imagine the batterys getting killed without active cooling solution I think next move should be active water cooling or something robust then maybe they will have cool features which are backwards compatible

Active water cooling is not robust at all. You will never have something like that in scooter anytime soon.