Ultraviolette Supernova Fast Charging Network πŸš€

Ultraviolette SUPERNOVA fast charging stations are now deployed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

  • 100+ stations will be available in Phase 1

  • 12kW and 6kW DC Fast charging available

  • Type 6 connector

40-60 mins for 20 to 80% charging

  • This video was taken at the station at Nandi Hills, Bangalore

Already Ultaviolette have their 3.3 kW Fast Charging (Boost Charger) - Which Charge the 10.3 kW Battery in 4-5 Hrs

Now They come up with an Extreme Fast Charger, That Charges 20-80% in a Hour Time - Which is Massive for a 2W EV with 10.3 kWh Batter :green_heart:

Also Their Upcoming OTA will have a Feature, That is not Industry First but It will be a Top Notch among the EV 2W Industry :zap: (I am not talking about Regen) :sweat_smile:

Official Launch:


I like the Charger’s design and I really appreciate how they have managed to keep the charging time short.


Yeah with 80%, You can go 220-230 KMs Solo for Sure

On Doubles 175 will go for Suree also 20-80 % in a Hour


the range which you have mentioned is with any upper speed limit (Like max. 50Kmph).


The Range I mentioned is for Both Solo and Duo at 75-80 KpH on Combat and Ballistic Modes :rocket: