Ultraviolette Mach 2 Launched

Ultraviolette Launched its Mach 2 and Lot New Features

Dynamic Regens - Level 10 I personally tested it in real life

Regen now comes with 10 dynamic regen modes, and you can adjust the regen on the fly based on your riding patterns.

Traction Control - T3/T2/T1/T Off

Choose between four new, dynamic Traction Control modes based on your riding behavior and road conditions.

Delta Watch is lit, I personally tested it in real life

Anti Collision Warning System I personally tested it in real life

Dynamic Stability Control

You can now ride your F77 Mach 2 with DSC, which modulates the regen when ABS is active

Violette AI :

Violette AI: Voilette AI is your virtual co-pilot, enabled with safety features including crash detection and anti collision warning system.

Industry Defining Range - The F77 Mach 2 boasts a range of 323 km, a boost from the 307 km earlier.

Also A Guy drove his Ultraviolette F77 for 323 KMs on a Single Charge :fire:

New Colours of F77 :

yelLove Colour is looking like a Wow :open_mouth:

Now Look into the Colours and Prices

Official Spec Sheet of Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 RECON


Love the flickering lights on regen braking. Absolutely great pricing at least for the first 1000 customer - INR 2,90,000 (Maybe this is the price of F77 Mach 2, there is a F77 Mach 2 Recon which is IDC 323km). It is just a Gen 2 product, but I think they are making their presence felt and extending it further by this accessible price. Looking forward to testing out the 10 levels of regen.


Price of Mach 2 Original which has 211 IDC

Level Off is Actually L1

So L9 is L10

I have Tested L9 and Its Lit - You don’t need Brakes with that Level

Dynamic Stability Control helps rider to Use Manual Brakes + Motor Brake Simultaneously . With this You easily Brake from 120-40 in No Time :hot_face::fire:


Could be my next bike Stealth grey and afterburner yellow is lit


My Favourite is Aestroid Grey, Because It looks Very Close to my Space Grey 450x :rocket:

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the introductory price needs to stay that way,I can barely find any videos that prove this thing is better than a duke 390 in 0-100.Until then the base model should cost less than 390 duke and they need to market the bike with power drift or auto car india which do regular drag races


Yeah But As per the Official Statement Indrotuctory Price is for First 1,000 Purchases

That’s Just Carbon Farewell Fund of Rs.25,000/-

After All the Add-Ons, Ultraviolette F77 Original will Cost like 3,85,000/- Approx

Above Screenshot is Price list of Ultraviolette F77 Mach 2 Recon

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I know its introductory thats why I said price needs to stay that way,didnt know warranty and software costs 40k + 20k over exshowroom that makes the deal even more crappy


For 40k, We are getting 700k KMs Extd. Warranty Bro

  • 20k Software is really Worth. I tested it for 1,250 KMs :v:

For me 480k Itself a Better Compared with the Features it packed with Mach 2 than the OG Recon F77 :confused:

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It’s 5.04 ex showroom depending on color.


504k Ex Showroom??

Dude I think You are talking about On Road Price?

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is anyone realistic clocking that many kms on a bike like this that we would need a warranty of over 100k kms.For such high price they should just give the software away as they arent fighting with subsidies and the product doesnt perform near too petrol alternatives


You have Added Mach 2 Pack + Cosmic Black which is 5k Extra from Aestroid Grey


Surely I will do :sweat_smile: Ypu guys will see :muscle:

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Ultraviollette seems to forget that Indians buy EV bikes for performance and value for money and not eco-friendly tomfoolery. This technique might work in Europe but its sure not going to work here.


Actually Ultraviolette is not in Volume Business. Also They are getting Sales here.

For the Vehicle Quality 5 Lakh is Real Deal for Money. Or Else We might buy without Any Features for 4.5 Lakhs but Thats a Waste of Money

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only 2W EV built for eco-friendly tomfoolery is OLA S1X else all are just for self pleasure,one might just faint looking at athers service cost and power consumption if warped all day


I was just stating 480 ain’t the highest one would be paying.


Really appreciate em they managed to bring the cost down unlike other companies whare even service cost is as High as an airplane maintenance.


Yeah Man, Still Mach 2 Accessories there for 10k

And Colour that are Costlier than Aestroid Grey there

  • Insurance :rocket: there
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