Track service status through mobile app

Wish the new update has an option to track the reported issue.


Made this a feature request! Could you elaborate on what you expect to see?

Once I log the compliant,

  1. A tracking number should appear
  2. Service agent’s name and contact number should appear once the compliant is acknowledged
  3. A ‘tentative duration’ for fix should be visible
  4. Various stages of service should be visible and status
  5. Once the vehicle is back, a survey should be enabled
  6. Old service logs should be available along with mechanic names (this helps to refer)

Yes. Well summarized.
To add to it,

  1. Once category matures, a response time can be included based on the backlogs
  2. Looking at the future, consumables and cost of service can also be included.

Also would like to see the service history. What repairs were done in the past, what was replaced/changed and cost of each part + labour.


:thinking:Suggest to add service history in mobile app with future service schedule also.:blush: