TPMS review - Prathamesh

Quite a difference between the values on the Mi Compressor, and TPMS on the dashboard. Also, the sync between the Dashboard Values and App is still not working.

Yes there would be a significant difference in the values shown in MI portable device and TPMS values. TPMS takes in to consideration all the factors like internal temperature and all.

If we had a ride and check the pressure value immediately the value would be a little higher than what we see before ride, give it a couple of minutes and check it will be normal.

However internal type measurement is more accurate than external type sensor.

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Need multiple readings for some conclusion

I have been using the TPMS since a while as we been Beta testing it for longer now. The values were recorded when the scooter was idle, and hadn’t been ridden. Also, the Mi values and TPMS value were at the max off by 1-2psi, not more than that. This time around it was off by 4psi, so that was something.

I’ll have to wait to see any change in tyre pressure to report again.

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