TPMS review - Imran

Hello 450x Owners,

Few weeks back TPMS was installed on my 450x. This has been quite useful to me. just like how I keep checking tyre pressure on my car before the start of my ride. I do the similar check of my scooter. I top up tyre pressure once a month. Now I do it when it is needed. Last night I got a alert :rotating_light: on my mobile app stating front tyre pressure needs my attention. Upon checking found that to be puncture, a nail was stuck and eventually loss of pressure.

Glad that I had this feature, this morning I planned to take my Ather to work, with help of TPMS alert last night it self I fixed the puncture myself, it was quite easy with some basic tools. Some feel TPMS is a good to have feature, I feel from safety point of view this is must have feature.