Tips on keeping Ather scooters clean

I took my ride (series1) out in rainy and in sunny days. The vehicle keeps on getting dirty than any other vehicles around.

Let’s discuss and find a solution for this


I did ceramic coating myself and I must say it makes some considerable difference.

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Purchase link if any


This is the one I used

Click here for link


How is the quality of the one you purchased? And Does the coating last long?

I face a similar issue! My scooter being black, attracts dust even after 0.01 seconds, after washing. 🥲 But the only solution - microfibre cloth, and few minutes to spare daily to keep the S1 clean!

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For the price, it’s decent. You get what you pay for. They recommend 3 coats and if you’re looking for something that will save you money you can definitely go for it.

I can’t comment on that yet because it’s relatively new. It looks to be good as of now.


Hi Mani, on the web I read that “It Only Requires One Application and Will Last 2 Years”. I have no experience in this. Please suggest me if this is how it will be?