Time to sharpen your riding skills | Ather Wheeecamp

Hey folks!

We’re back with the 4th edition of Wheeecamp to help gear up your riding skills, this time on both a race track and a dirt track in a bunch of cities!

Our trained instructors will work with you to sharpen your skills on:

  1. Braking
  2. Cornering
  3. Throttle Control
  4. Vision

Here are the cities this edition of Wheeecamp will be happening in:

City Track Type Batch Date Day
Pune Race Track 1 17th Feb 2024 Saturday Slots Full
Pune Race Track 2 18th Feb 2024 Sunday Slots Full
Hyderabad Dirt Track 1 24th Feb 2024 Saturday Slots Full
Hyderabad Dirt Track 2 25th Feb 2024 Sunday Slots Full
Kochi Dirt Track 1 16th Mar 2024 Saturday Slots Full
Kochi Dirt Track 2 17th Mar 2024 Sunday Slots Full
Chennai Race Track 1 23rd Mar 2024 Saturday Slots Full
Chennai Race Track 2 24th Mar 2024 Sunday Slots Full

Registrations are open only for owners who haven’t been a part of any of the previous Wheeecamps.

We have limited seats available, so hurry up and register on the form below to learn how to ride like a pro!

Want to know more about what happens at Wheeecamp? Check out the videos below:

Ather’s Off Road Adventure | Wheee Camp: Dirt Edition

Wheee Camp | Bengaluru


@acorreya Bro !! I registered for 16th :green_heart: also @jsabarishvj

Planning to Book Train Tickets :crazy_face::raised_hands:

Maybe We Plan to Ride or Train, Not Yet Confirmed :hugs:

We Two Planning to come from Coimbatore :grinning:

@smridhi.kalati Just Read this, Shortlist me If Slots Left :vulcan_salute: i.e : Count me in as Last One :slightly_smiling_face:


Hoping for a ride… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let’s see…

Good to see Whee camp moving to other cities. Enjoy fellow ATHERites.

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:smiling_face_with_tear: I should have stayed in Chennai. Now I’m going to miss this

Delhi missing :frowning:


Is it that if we fill the form we can come or will there be shortlisting from the response recived from form and a conformation will be send?

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if you are selected, you will be contacted 2 days before the event in your city if you confirm that then you will be added to a WhatsApp group which will further let you know the details of the event.


@withselva7 I registered for You on March 16th Saturday Kochi :green_heart: as We spoke on Call

Anyone else Joining from Coimbatore


@chef.arun7 @jsabarishvj


@Lokaero ??


Thanks for asking @yashwanthpawar93 :smiley:, but unfortunately I’m having schedules on march. Hope i will join next time when the camp is organised on CBE too :grin::sweat_smile:


(post deleted by author)

Do we get a confirmation after filling the typeform, like an email or something. Just to know whether my details are submitted.

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Nope. You’ll get a call from Ather once the details are finalised.


Ather Wheee Camp x Kochi Edition :green_heart:

Kochi Temperature Frying :rocket:

I am using the Same Ather from my Wheee Camp III at BigRock Bangalore :green_heart:

With @acorreya @roshinthomaskoshy @narayanankks82 @flindacaduthuz @r.balaakumar @smridhi.kalati

Kerala is Gods Own Country and Now Its owned by Sun God :sweat_smile: Frying Hot :fire:


Enjoy the ride guys :partying_face:.