This is Warp Vs. Petrol

First, we were compared with other electric scooters on the market. That comparison didn’t last very long.

Next, we were pitted against the “scootys” of the country. We aced that test quite effortlessly. Then, we were put up against other performance scooters. We sailed through most of those challenges comfortably.

Yet most petrol heads and riding aficionados we spoke to still had this nagging doubt - is an electric scooter really something I would enjoy riding? (We don’t blame them. Most folks remember a time when electric scooters maxed out at 25 kmph). With the performance and road presence that the Ather 450X commands, we were always confident it can match up with at least the mid-level enthusiast motorcycles on road in India.

So we took the Ather 450X back to the track again. And invited 8 motorcycle riders with millions of collective km under their belt (and a couple of medals at track events) Plus 7 high-end motorbikes. For three grueling challenges. Across an entire day. With drag races, obstacles, full laps, relays, and more. An event where Petrol and Warp go head-to-head.

This is the Ather 450X pushed to its limits. This is professional riders testing it against the superbikes they own and love. This is an electric scooter going up against some of the finest motorbikes on the road.

This is Warp Vs. Petrol.

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Enjoyed the video and performance of Ather…450x Waiting for it in KOCHI


Excellent video! Particularly enjoyed the background score :slight_smile:


Extreme tough testing for 450x. Still coming first in relay and doing very good in other two. Excellent work guys. Kudos to ather @abhishek.balaji


Enjoyed the video a lot! It is soo sooo gooooodd. :fire::100::zap::motor_scooter: Who all were present from Ather during the event? Looking for more details. Abhishek,Tarun- how many of the riders booked their 450X ?

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Marvelous mind blowing cannot believe the performance of ather450x warp Vs petrol amazing video enjoyed very much feeling that I Myself riding the scooter

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Looks cool no doubt. But no way scooter can actually match up against a superbike. I can see it beating that Himalayan in the drag race coz that is very slow off the block. I can even agree that in the obstacle course it does well coz all the online reviews talk about great handling and flickability. But no chance it can beat a Ninja in a lap like you have shown here. I’ve ridden my fair share of scooters and bikes (owned an Ntorq for years and currently ride a Duke 250). There’s a huge difference in performance between the two.


Ather should have disabled the 90kmph soft limit before pitting. Would have been :boom:


We as indians have a tendency to accept new change in slow pace but with ather the journey is amazing. Looking forward for millions of atherians on road.

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Yeah, even I thought the same but the relay race was a close one and I rode both the Ather 450X and Ninja 250. On a tight circuit, the Ather 450X will surprise you. What you see in the video is what happened :slight_smile:

PS - I ride only motorcycles (now, the Ather 450X too) and a lot on racetracks all over the world, the aruani grid was fun and the Ather was marginally quicker (and that way won) in the relay race :slight_smile:

I booked one before the event :smile:


Wow, now that’s an endorsement!

Nice to see one of the riders from this event actually responding. You mentioned that you booked one scooter also. What is your opinion of the 450x scooter on-road, not on the track?


I was one of the riders at the event too - Every one seems to forget that a track is short controlled bursts of power like being a signal porki (for lack of a better word) - I’ve ridden nearly 1.5L+ km on scooters and over half that on motorcycles - for sure the Ather gets you pumping. At the track you can really unleash it.

I’m surprised more owners don’t do sunday track days with theirs. Between corners it’s easy to blip and not wait for power - its a thrilling experience you cannot get on the road. More than once I saw myself with more speed or power than i expected at least the first few rounds I clocked on the scooter…

Yes it does not have the cornering performance due to the tyres but it’s nearly there which is a surprise in itself. All in all i think an all Ather track day would be fun!