The stray dogs issue

It’s a nightmare. I am a new Ather user and whatever I do they start barking and I end up speeding with the dogs chasing me. :sob:


Dont speed , it will end up in negative situation. Just calm , They are not an alien. Normal Dogs , Just wait few seconds. It worthy


this is happening with me regularly dog come behind my bike barking when i stop it make u turn, what is the issue with the sound, may be that belt sound dogs dont like

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Last day i had a dog-run late in the evening, while taking my kids on a scooter stroll. I could neither speed up nor stop because of the kids on board. I just kept the steady 24 kmph pace i was on, and the dog backed off after a few meters of chase. Probably got bored or something.

The kids enjoyed the fiasco, though!


Good kids though, otherwise it would have been a screaming session for you :joy:.


So once again, who let the dogs out?

My charger bricked and while it is getting fixed, depending on fast chargers. Since better accessible places are down I rely on either French toast, bread world, which are next closest to home.

So there was a pack of dogs resting a few meters away from the bread world vytla charger which rose from their mid-night 4 AM nap in gracious awe to the whee. As usual, one of them started a half-minded bark which turned to be an all out ambush in a second. Two options left:

  1. :zap: away
  2. Stop and charge

I opted for 2 and moved along the pack, which is now starting to chase me. I slowed down because I have to turn to the charger. An autorickshaw follows and has to slow down either because of the dogs or because he’s curious about the outcome. I stop here and the dogs immediately follow behind. Instantly the barking stops. The pack is now confused as about what to do. The crowd disperses.

Here is where the dogs lay, in the shadowy patch beyond the electric post.


I wonder if this is a territorial issue. I live in a place with quite a lot of street dogs. ( I have counted to 50 once!). But I never had this problem in the past eight months. They barely even pay attention to me when I am riding. Mine is the first Ather in our neighborhood. . So it’s not like they’re used to it.


If it was territorial, the pack would have stayed around. But I never got to see them after the incident.

I’m facing same issues now… every time a dog following up behind the scooter… it get ferocious to bite when it hear bike sound… scared :flushed:

They are scared about the wheel rotations. So if you see dogs chasing don’t run. Brake and wait. They’ll smell and go away.


My Broooo :hushed: You are Completely Right and 99.99% of People Throttle up when seeing a Dog :smirk::cold_sweat:

Stoping is the Right Solution :white_check_mark:

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