The scooters security concerns

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Hey i have a concern about the Ather as a whole. What is the security level of the scooter. Is the scooter hackable. Since its a smart scooter i have this concern. What security measures is the Ather built on. I just want to kno about the safety becoz i have never seen any one from Ather talking about this particular matter. It shuldnt be like some one sitting somewer can remotely access my scooter or its modes


I have prebooked Ather, really wanted to know the answer for this question?

Is Ather using google play services to provide google maps navigation? if yes, google play services can track and collect a lot of data on daily basis, is there any way to install open source maps in Ather scooter? Ather should have given this option

Good question. I was wondering the same but with ride data. What if someone’s speeding and gets into an accident? Does Ather share ride statistics with the insurance company?

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