The older user interface as an optional theme/themes

I think the older user interface was much better than what we have in the ELIO release.

The speedo number was bigger and easily legible even from your peripheral vision. The colour halo was very useful in helping to maintain a steady speed for optimal efficiency, โ€œwings of powerโ€ on the other hand :-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1::-1:. The dual trip meters are dearly missed.

Also the lack auto dark-light switching is an absolute bane which further ruins visibility in different conditions.

Itโ€™s nice that theyโ€™ve tried to spruce up the os to look more like techy gadget but at the end of the day we need our scooter to be a scooter. I think the old interface did that perfectly, the only real issue was the lag.

Needless bling can be a usp for other brands no need for that in an Ather.

/*So please include switching between different themes as an option or give people the ability to roll back to an older version or include multiple themes */

I dont think it would be that hard to cook up a version of the legacy os that incorporate the newer elements like auto hold , smoother maps and charge limiting.

I believe this should be the no. 1 priority right now as it would both be an easy feature implement and a welcome one by most ppl in this community.


honestly old speedometer was one of reason fell in love with Ather.I used to peep into other athers dash and watch it go green to red until I got mine cause of 5 month wait period last year,sad I only got to use it on my Ather for couple months.

even if it returns it wont look as good before cause of statusbar uptop compared to older notch


CFBR. I want this back ASAP.


So true plus it made use of the whole dash unlike present it dose look good it would be great to have an option to change what u want that would be really good tbh


Yes the Older UI looked nicer than the Newer UI. Please bring it back Ather !!