The new Switch Gear

My 450X has been in the Service Centre since 22 days for running repairs. It has been stuck for weeks just waiting for the brake lever, which is not in stock.

I wonder if it has to do with the new switchgear being introduced, and the parts somehow changing.

Still sucks, I have spent thousands on petrol just because my whee isn’t here.

On a side note, I gave the scooter on Aug 2 at ~85%. Today (Aug 24) it is at 7%. The drain is real, can’t believe telemetrics consumes so much :zap:


Don’t expect, you’re going to get new switch gear


also the ancient sd212 isn’t helping in being efficient at 4G usage


I feel literally devastated , it has been just three months purchasing my vehicle , new switch gears not even support my model .

Also they can give updates on what can be supported on our older version.

Infact they should support their older version we are the ones who supported now it’s like we don’t care about the previous versions we released

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Think about us who got it last week. I am not sad about switch gear basic Coasting Regen is also not coming to your scooter be sad about that. It’s not coming even after we have the hardware to support it


True Novin

Your patience is truly commendable, Sirishant, especially during these challenging times. Request you to kindly share your registered contact number and vehicle details in order for us to assist you further.

Thank you for your commendments :saluting_face:

Literally just picked up my Ather today. Service Centre did a good job considering the situation, and didn’t have much issues tbh. They are overwhelmed with so many wheee’s not whee’ing.

Anyways, mine was delayed for 2 weeks because of the Brake Lever set not being in stock. I guess there were some supply chain issues. Thanks for reaching out.