The New 450 Series meets the Ather Community!

Before the world met the New 450 Series, our community got a sneak peek.

Want to know what they felt about our new launches? Take a look at this! :zap:


Very sure the community felt very happy as they are very rich, they can afford to buy new vehicle every 6 months. Others may not agree. Also din know Ather community had just 4-5 people. Oh maybe you called the guys who have not yet purchased the vehicle


Community looks happy in this video :new_moon_with_face:

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Our feelings is disposed by calling it “chatter” so why does it matter? :man_shrugging:t3:


Two friends of mine who owns Ola S1 pro were genuinely happy about the new Ola launch as it was a win-win for both Ola and customers. Ola gave new hardware but also improved the the existing scooters with real features. But our community response was one-sided as our 1-6 month old scooters became obsolete. And the angry response was justified.

BTW, mind you government don’t bother Ola and Tata with homologation and OTA capability. It is only Ather that has to follow the regulation (which does not even exist for ESS).


and community means the mods of Ather? In the video, it’s @juzeeweb @raghav.srinivasan @hemanth.anand i think @thakur.ketan and @TheHairMonster. That’s all I remember the faces from the Community Day meet.


Oh, never knew they were mods. Hope these mods told @tarun what’s the feedback of existing Ather owners


Lol if it was really the mods of Ather, then they don’t represent the community’s reactions!

They should consider the top active members of the community as the Community Representatives, and have a heart-to-heart with them instead. Would justify reactions a lot more than just vague statements like “This is an amazing software upgrade” which don’t matter to the existing community :\


Now I know who might be flagging my comments and removing it.


Anyone above level 2 can flag any post. it’s up to mods to either reinstate or remove the comment. PS: @moderators is the tag to use.


I guess I don’t have much else to contribute to this discussion, but I did want to point out that the moderators were the people who originally were the most active forum members! What most users here don’t realize is that this community / forum has existed since late 2018, and those you see as moderators now were actually the original active posters here (even if you might not see them posting much today), or - in cases of moderators from later cities - were some of the first active members of the Forum from those respective cities.

So in a way, what you are recommending is exactly what Ather did :slight_smile:

P.S.: Since we are on the topic, I would strongly suggest the new members - if they have time - check out some old discussion posts from 2020/2021. You’ll realize some of the decisions Ather has taken today has significant context. After all, the Ather folks were much more active and transparent back then here :wink:


Damn, I thought about it but I wasn’t really fair to them. I hope I didn’t disrespect anyone :saluting_face:

Ather didn’t show much of their reactions though. Was this a teaser for some video that’s upcoming? Especially in the absence of an ‘official launch’ video for the 450S and the new accessories…

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That I think the moderators a.k.a. the attendees will only have to confirm haha :smiley:

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Where did you spot me? :flushed: I missed joining the other guys that day as i was traveling and I’m definitely not in the video :slightly_smiling_face:


For new accessories they are in transit and some might have reached to your nearby Ather Experience Centre or Ather Space, here in Mumbai 1 seat cover, 1 floor mat and few bodyguard available depending on stock availability you can buy it:

Seat Cover ₹999 each

Floor mat ₹599 each

Bodyguard ₹1700 set


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Tell them this na what’s different from gen 3.1 and gen 3.2 or gen 4 what ever u wanna call that And I bet they will laugh at u and leave. Ohhh right 4 PPL makes it a community right right I was wrong my bad

Interesting! I just read a mods comment (one who you have tagged in post) saying that they are not company employees and paid by Ather. I agree, not an Ather employee and not paid in cash but given freebies and other benefits. Noice…

No offence taken. They captured our initial impressions as we got to see the new 450s and 450x, and the accessories. Personally, I was pretty impressed with the new park assist switch, makes it easier to get in and out of parking mode, the toggle switches seemed improved in terms to quality, and the Deep View display on 450s seemed very good in terms of day-light readability. They might release more videos focussed on the accessories announced later.



I would request all mods, admins, owners and fellow members of the forum to kindly inform me as to what rules/guidelines of the forum were broken in my post that it was flagged. If none were broken what are the consequences for the user who flags improperly and misuses his powers.

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