The Ather team goes 'Off the Grid' in Delhi!

Over the weekend, Ather owners across Delhi got the chance to chat with experts from the Ather Product team, over a cup of coffee, at the Delhi iteration of ‘Off the Grid’.

Owners that did attend the event received first-hand experience from our Product managers - Akshay Mukesh and Vikram Raj - on how to get the best out of their Athers.

Right from the optimal charging practices to getting the most range out of your Ather, the owners were able to interact with the experts and clarify all of their queries.

We are always looking to have an open dialogue with owners from across the country and we want to bring Off the Grid to your city too!

Let us know which city you’d like us to visit next!


Indore!! :zap:


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Ahmednagar Maharashtra

Please come to Goa. Plan it around 24th of June… It’s a grand sao joao festival… Fun in the Rain… Lets Warp off the Grid. :grinning: @abhishek.balaji

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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