Temporary boost mode

Hey. I had a small feature that I think ather should get soon. So when you’re in ride mode and you get to an incline or you’re at 55-60Kmph and you need to accelerate more quickly to keep your speed up and not obstruct traffic behind you. Or to make a quick overtake. What we do now is leave the throttle and then switch to sport and then accelerate. Is that the best way? If I need to switch to sport it means I need to gain more speed (quickly) and I’m already on full throttle in ride mode then isnt it counter intuitive that you have to leave the throttle then switch to sports and then accelerate and then get back to ride mode yourself. I know a lot of you will point out that the Chetak has this. Yes it does and I absolutely loved that feature on the Chetak it’s brilliant. Can ather do something similar like a full throttle on the ride mode setting will automatically make the scooter go into sport mode and leaving the throttle will bring you back to ride mode. I think this feature would be really really helpful and convenient for most of us. If it can’t happen automatically. At least the option to switch modes on the fly with the throttle open would do good.