Telangana State EV Policy 2020-2030


Good news for all those waiting to buy ather 450x and get 100% exemption of road tax & registration charges in hyderabad ( telangana).

Find the attached EV Policy


Telangana Government yesterday declared Electric vehicle policy 100% exemption of Road tax & registration charges for Electric vehicles manufactured in telangana state. Is it eligible for who are buying ather EV vehicles?

Yes, any ev including from ather is also eligible for 100% exemption on road tax & registration charges in Telangana

Any idea how much we can save because of this.

Hope everyone read the above article. that Article mention, RoadTax, and Registration Charge exemption only for vehicles that are manufactured in Telangana.

Not sure where you found that…could you please point to it? All it says is 100% registration fee and road tax waiver for vehicles purchased and registered in Telangana. This is the Demand side incentive (section 7, point A) for end customers.

One of the articles mentioned it’s for only the vehicles manufactured in Telangana. But the official policy document clearly mentioned that is for all the vehicles purchased and registered in the state will get road tax and registration fee waiver.

There is not requirement of manufacturing to be in the state.

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Telangana EV Policy Clearly mentioned that there will be 100% exemption on road & registration charges based below mentioned details derived from the policy.

4.b: Incentives shall be made available for 2& 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, Light Commercial Vehicles, Shared Transport & Public Transport. The incentives shall include waiver on Road Tax & Registration charges.

7.A.i) 100% exemption of road tax & registration fee for the first 2,00,000 Electric 2 Wheelers purchased & registered within Telangana.

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