Supreme Court Has Stopped Registration of E-V in India

Is this news true? Recently i heard the news and searched online and it comes to be true.

Kanishk Sinha, a Kolkata based lawyer who is a patentee for registration of electric vehicles across India for 20 years is claiming to be the only facilitator who can get electric vehicles registered in India. As per his claim, any individual state or union territory doesn’t have the rights to directly register any battery operated electric vehicle in their province. Any EV customer will have to use Amit Engineering’s service to get their vehicle registered, as it has leased the rights from Kanishk Sinha.

But the news says its E-rickshaw but not sure about it as the person says its for all EV’s.

The court had also asked to stop the registration of electric vehicles in India on February 24, 2020 and it was upheld by the Supreme Court on January 12, 2021.

How do you people think about this? Any one from Ather have any idea? @abhishek.balaji

Here is the news article link : News Article Link

It says e-rickshaws not all electric vehicles

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Not so sure it says all EV there after… ?


Replace Amit Engineering with Atherenergy maybe? If it is good for us? (Did not read the article and there are patents involved)

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Not good for anyone. This genius claims to have a patent for “registration of EVs”. There should be a special place in hell reserved for him and whoever granted him this patent.

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Not to worry. Its about 3 wheel commercial vehicle & that also just a rumors


Like someone above rightly pointed out, this seems to be a classic case of patent troll. Every domain has its own set of organisations / people busy making a business out of this, but this guy seems to be trying his luck with a very brazen and ballsy claim. Will most likely get thrown out by the courts soon…