Srinivasappa's experience with the Ather 450

I have very very bad experience with Ather 450 vehicle when I taken delivery from Ather showroom after using only 3 day I got some erer on the software and I given coumplent after 4 days the exicutive thaken the vehicle and don the service and delivered the vehicle again after using within four days again I got software probleum ànd I given coumplent immidatlly but vehicle has taken for service after 30 to 40 day’s and after attending coumplent I taken vehicle from service a same day same problem came in the vehicle again I have given the vehicle for servicing in this way my segishoun for public don’t go for Ather 450.thank you

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Hey @sgrbulkcarriers,

That’s not the experience we’d want you to have. i’ve flagged this to the team to get it resolved.


Hey @sgrbulkcarriers,

As I understand from the team, they’ve resolved the issues and have delivered your scooter as well. Feel free to reach out to them if you still face issues.