Sporty challenge

challenge for Top range in SPORT mode

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BEAT this if YOU can.:point_up:t3:




Passion this challenge if you cannot achieve this!!!:star_struck:


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The challenge is for true range not for project range.:raising_hand_man:t2:


0.4 km even I can do it. :joy:

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And, who compete should have minimum top speed and average speed to be eligible…

If you drive like super eco mode (@rajeshkav mode) in sports mode, you can’t claim this challenge :wink:

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No you are wrong, I have maintained min speed of 40-50kms. My Top speed was 68kms :point_up:t3:

Yup I didn’t mean yours… :slight_smile:
I generally said whoever wants to challenge or show, they should like sports mode in sports mode :smiley:

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This is in state highway, not possible with that top speed and average speed inside city except for nice road :stuck_out_tongue:, before the ota update predicted in sports mode was 104 for me but that is only on short distance of 10-12kms not 65kms stretch, will see if I can hit that range again

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:+1:t3:love to see that.

From mysore to Bangalore
Speed 35min -45kms
Avg speed - 30kms
High speed - 78kms
Total distantidi -150kms
Ride time : 4 hrs 30mins

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Only The true Atherean can figure it out…:rofl::rofl:
:point_down:t3:Press heart button if you got it


Ather trying to defy numbers! :joy:

Have had S106 as a predictive range figure for nearly 3 months before the OTA update.

I’ve driven just about 200km since Eco Update and got my Sports Range to 96.
I showed @ayanahmedhussain during the breakfast meet. I’m sure he will remember.

3 days ago a bug fix update for the app was released and again all predicted ranges have been reset to default values.


Not happy about the fact that the range resets every time there is an app update. @Ather.Team look into this pls

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The new update has killed the meaning of “Predicted Range”
If it gets reset every time, its not called Predicted Range :joy::man_facepalming:

Challenge accepted on Predicated and Projected Range on Sports mode :slight_smile:

However after the latest OTA update, these are not updated at all :frowning: I had logged compliant however they said, it will get fixed in the next OTA update :frowning:


I really think the bugs should be addressed and patched ASAP. They should not wait for the next major update to patch the bugs. It should be like iOS updates where a new major update is pushed and most of the bugs will be rectified and patched in a day or two after the roll-out. E.g. 13 :arrow_forward: 13.1 :arrow_forward: 13.1.1 All fixed and rectified within 10 days.


If you really want to test ATHER battery range and your ride skills i personally feel Basavanagudi to Whitefield would be the best option

There is no way where you can ride in a sport mode and reaching 110km would not be possible even charging twice :rofl::rofl:

My best hope they build metro soon :persevere:

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