Solo ride to savanadurga

8.11.19 8.40am 40m 13km

Planned to visit savanadurga. Choosen Mysore Road kumbalgodu manc

hanabele route instead of Magadi Road because of traffic and good road. Cloudy morning, met dept predicted rain.
8.11.19 11.07am 35.7km. 128min

Fully charged 450 at hotel airavata n proceeded via manchanabele

8.11.19 1.51pm 47km. 151min

Returned to airavata hotel. While retuFrning navigation failed n hence missed the track. When I reached kengeri battery was critical with 10%charge. With caution I reached the hotel for charging.
8.11.19. 13km.

Return home after charging. Total journey 13+36+47+131=109km
Riding in dense green forest with fresh air was memorable



This is the highlight! Hope more of us can enjoy such atmosphere with our 450s.

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@devendra.yakkundi. Can you please post the route map for this trip?

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Kumbalgodu, chikkanahalli, vahalegate, dabbaguli Gate manchanabele, savanadurga
I am not able send map

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Sure sir