So much more with the 450X and 450X Pro!

Hey folks!

Effective today, the FAME II subsidy has been revised to Rs.10,000 per kWh (Rs. 15000 per kWh earlier) with a max cap of 15% of the ex-factory price (60% of ex-factory price earlier).

Under the revised FAME II scheme, the 450X Pro⌁ will be priced at Rs.1,48,878 and the 450X will be priced at Rs.1,28,364 (in Delhi).

We’ve revamped the Ather 450X to enable fast charging at Ather Grid, faster home charging with a bundled 700W charger, and the option to purchase the Pro pack anytime in the first 24 months of ownership. The 450X now starts at Rs.1,28,364.

What do you get with the 450X?

  • Faster Home Charging with bundled 700W charger
  • Access to Ather Grid fast charging
  • Option to upgrade to Pro anytime within 24 months of purchase of the scooter

Industry-first finance schemes

We’ve worked with our finance partners to enable an industry first 60 month tenure that enables you to own an Ather scooter at Rs. 2999 per month.

Take a look at our website to know more about pricing in your city!


I don’t know whether to be astonished or scared with your pricing aggressively changing, No wonder the people who bought last month are now going to whine, From 30000 for a pro pack upgrade to 20000 and now the 450x-base variant can upgrade to pro after purchasing the scooter in the next 24 months?.


really confusing times if anyone is planning to buy an Ather right now but what happened about charger refund? there’s been zero update about it.I remember Ather used to be very transparent in communication on forums last year when I bought 450x and gen2 to 3 transistion happened.

(update:everyone who purchsed in 2022 have received mails on further process on June 2)


Happy to finally making a correct move this seems to be a perfectly balanced price.

But there is no proper visibility recalibrating every 2-3 months is not a right thing to do in market. This is not project to make agile decision making. You need to have a visibility and strategy for pricing a product.

However this decision might be a result of high backlashing they received for the pricing and the kind of dumb offering basic 450x has become.

Nonetheless I appreciate the move and hope many would find this an attractive option now


This pricing model fairly looks reasonable.

The basic need for electric scooter 700w charger and fast charging grid is available across variants.

And who ever wish to go for features like modes and extended warranty on battery looks fair deal.

Though there is lot of ups and downs in pricing due to some things not in control of Ather ,


Just like Ola, even Vida has absorbed part of the subsidy cut. Now, post subsidy cut, their new price is increased by only 6k. Reasonable.

Bajaj - Not sure about the new price. But, dealer told price will be increased for sure. Edit - Bajaj Price Increased by 22k

Ather - did not absorb any hike and entire subsidy loss has been passed on to customer. (Not complaining, they have been transparent in subsidy increase or decrease. But, should wait and see if the sales figures will force Ather to change decision)

Hero Electric - They announced that they will absorb the entire hike.

Couple of my friends booked Vida v1 Pro through Flipkart last week of May and Flipkart was generous enough to give 15k discount for Credit Cards (or 2 years Interest EMI). Nett price of 1.25L for a 4kW model made it pretty good value for money for those who availed the offer.


Vida hasn’t revised their prices yet and it surely won’t be just 6k. It will certainly be upwards of 15k.


Please check the website. They have revised it just few hours back.


I called their customer care and they confirmed that these are not the updated prices but the ond ones.


I have been checking their website since morning for my friend who wanted to book.

Morning it was 1,19,900 with a remark “New ESP will be updated soon”

By noon, they changed to 1,25,900 with that remarks removed.

If this was a clerical mistake and their customer care was correct, it would be very hard to imagine.


Why you are not providing this “option to get performance upgrade within 24 months” to existing 450 plus users ???


The way the company has changed its pricing and strategy in last couple of months is nuts.

The posts and the chats will soon be filled with the whining all while owners prior to Apr are still waiting for the charger refund. Atleast that thing is now sorted with emails flying in the mailbox


I think for the Pro pack, they have absorbed the additional 15k due to the change in subsidy and it now costs 20k instead of the 35k they previously charged.


People who bought 450x non pro between 12th April & before June 1st in bangalore :

– costed 125k on road which didnt have :slight_smile: :

  • Faster Home Charging with bundled 700W charger
  • Access to Ather Grid fast charging
  • Option to upgrade to Pro anytime within 24 months of purchase of the scooter.

People who will be buying from June 1st in bangalore :slight_smile:

have to pay 155k on road with same above features added.

I think everyone recvd the 700w charger. I don’t think they’ve given any slow chargers to anyone.

The upgrade to Pro pack option will also probably be extended to all Base pack buyers.

Again, since hardware wise all scooters are the same, they will also most probably allow Grid charging.

all those who got the Base pack when it was launched have honestly gotten a steal deal. if my memory serves me right, ₹1.1L on road Delhi is bonkers value for a 450x without maps and Bluetooth.


Hi @smridhi.kalati

I have bought one Ather 450x base on 27th of May and got the bike on 2nd June.

Currently the charging time of this scooter is 15H and no access to fast charger grid .

May I know what is the plan for me to upgrding for Ather Pro where I need at least charge in 5 to 6 hours

As I don’t see any option to upgrade / unlock fast charging option

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You got 250W charger with the scooter? Can you share a pic? I thought they were giving 750W until the stocks last. And now they removed the slow charger from the offering.


as per new updates in their website 250w charger is no longer available(was never a option either), all scooters will come with 750w charger only, both base and pro model. even their specs on the website has changed, Since no company in the market went with a slow charger model, Ather also has dropped the idea.


Exactly, that’s why I am asking how @kiran0529 got it? Or they slowed it down with software?