Shutdown issue solved

I have faced lots and lots of issues with my Ather 450X Gen September 2022 Purchased in CHENNAI OMR PILLAI MOTORS. and Most Important is i don’t face any issue with Old Version Software. But After ELLIOS UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY INSTALLED IN MY SCOOTER. MY SCOOTER WILL BE DEAD (NO DISPLAY,NO MOTOR ON, NO EMERGENCY LIGHTS ON) while Riding on the Road itself. It’s very dangerous issue to me and my 3 year old Son Going to School on this Scooter. And i have called my OMR Service Centre to fix the issue and given 450X for 5 Days to Rectify the Problem. And still the problem continues to me. When I stop The in RED SIGNAL and again GREEN SIGNAL comes exactly the Vechile will STOP LITERALLY DEAD ( NO DISPLAY,NO MOTOR ON, NO EMERGENCY LIGHTS ON) IN THE MIDDLE OF ROAD surrounded by vehicles keep HONKING ME . so i will push to the corner of the Road and try to start more than 10 - 15 MINUTES again the Scooter will START.

Here comes the solution. I HAVE POSTED THIS PROBLEM in Ather FORUM and FROM BANGLORE INDRANAGAR HEAD OFFICE I GOT A CALL From Ather CUSTOMER CARE. They assigned me JEYAKANTH NUNGAMBAKKAM SERVICE TEAM to Look out my Vehicle problem. And only after that the issue was solved.

JEYAKANTH AND TEAM Sir. Thank you soooooo much for the work you have done to me. You just saved my day a Lot :pray:. Literally I don’t have other choice. So pushed Ather scooter from Gemini Fly Over to Ather Space Center Nungambakkam 1.5KM. Security told me the service Centre was closed due to the Dealership Changing Nungambakkam service center Gone to Guindy for a week. And at that time only i called you and you did a great help. Senior Technicians Done a Diagnostic and Reinstalled The Update on my Ather 450X and asked me to Drive Slowly for a few days. And i have reached Home safely without any SHUTDOWN also.


Glad to know that your concern was eventually resolved. Kudos to JEYAKANTH AND TEAM


Oh boy! Finally, so good to know that it is finally fixed. It was resolved after formatting the drive, I guess. If it came from the software, it has been the last resort as a rule of thumb. I was afraid to use Warp mode. Did you come home riding on warp mode as it was your fav?

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