Should I continue buying Ather 450X or wait for Simple One?

Hello Ather owners,

I am planning for an EV scooter. I had shortlisted a few, the top two are Ather 450X and Simple One. But I don’t know how far ‘Simple Energy Ltd’ will keep up its claimed specs. The data they have on their website about the vehicle is unbelievable. If that is true in the real world, then Ather must work a lot compete it.

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Does any one wants to convince Mr. SANJAY to buy Ather?

My points are to you are If you ride daily below 65 km You can definitely buy the 450 plus or the 450x if you need bluetooth and wrap mode.

Daily driving will be extremely fun. Some software nag are there but for sure if you wait for Simple one they will have a ton of it. And they still don’t even have a delivery dates.


Agree. If 65-70 kms works for you (you may get more than that if you drive carefully, but kills the fun), Ather will be perfect. They have software bugs but relatively its still the best in the market. I just love their Fast chargers. You might want to consider Ola. They have a good product too. Simple? Well nobody is sure about this one yet. We need to wait a lill longer to comment.


Hi Sanjay

Ather has been on the road for years and the reviews are out, on the other hand you have a company which never let anyone drive the scooter even off camera. In the best case, it’s a glorified prototype; in the worst case it’s a scam like Nikola motors. Only thing that works well is the screen according to online videos. Recently they claimed that they hit 300+ km mark on range but that is confirmed by no external party. Everything that people claim is just speculation at this point.

My suggestion: Go with Ather since the experience is streamlined and predictable.


Hey if u r requirements are less like running for 70-80km per day no doubt go for Ather its a completely baked product…and till if u wait for simple one u would have saved a lot of fuel expenses…


Buy Ather 450X and use it for over 3 years. Till then this Simple One would be baked product and you may replace your Ather with it someday.


This is cool suggestion


Hi Sanjay, I want to share my experience that might be help you to take your decision . I took Ather 450x Just One week ago But I have done lot of R&D before that and comparing Ola with Ather. I’m not saying Ola was not good at all but I chose Ather 450x due to few Points. 1 - I’m in sales so I drive allmost 60 km on and Average in City if some day I need to drive more then Fast Charging are there in Pune City. 2 - Ather 450X Claims 85 in single Charge but it depends on your Driving Style if you drive in city and and your Speed limit is 40 then Ather will give you 100km per charge for Single Person. 3 - Sales and services are allready there so no need to panic for after sales Services . 4 - As I have Activa also and i like the one thing of activa that there foot rest area is flat as like Ather and this was missing in Ola . 5 - Ola was not even One year Old company so We don’t know lot about after Sales Services but Ather was 8 year Company.

Moral of the all Gyan is that i check my requirement from my end and at that point of time Ather 450X Fulfill my Maximum Requirment So I chose Ather 450X . In future lot of revolution will happen in this Industry but I prefer be in Right time Right Place.