Share your best photos of Kolkata!

Hey @Kolkata,

While we’re busy getting things started on ground, we’re looking for the best photos of Kolkata taken by you! If you have a great photo that represents Kolkata, share them here and we might feature them in the forum and on social media!


@abhishek.balaji Can’t express the excitement to read that. :heart_eyes:

I am not into photography but just to show my high spirits for the update you shared, I dug out a couple of panoroma pics which I took from my office building on a 13MP mobile camera couple of years back. :see_no_evil:

These are from Signet Tower, College More, Saltlake.

Hoping other Kolkatans will be sharing some decent pics. :see_no_evil:

We bengal people celebrate Durga puja with great pleasure and happiness. I uploaded some photos which I had taken from my mobiles. Hope it helps you. !!


The best visual for Ather enthusiasts in Kolkata… It’s going to happen !!! At last…


Can you share the location detail?

Benjamin Bangalee