So sad to see that the service plans are still not reinstated and it’s such a pain for the 450 gen 1 owners to pay unreasonably high price for the service parts like belt only which cost 8000 and overall service going beyond 10k against the initial promise which was around 3k all serviceable parts inclusive…

Ather changing service plans and withdrawing it every now and then is really not acceptable @tarun and when it comes to Hardware stuff there needs to be a stable service plan…


Service plans has its advantages n disadvantages also. Like if ur Ather doesn’t need any part replacements then ur at loss considering the amount ur paying for tht perticular year. Like with my case nothing replaced in 1st service now I’ll do 2nd service hope it comes before my plan expires

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Worst service from Ather everytime, need to drop the vehicle 2 times per service