Service Experience at Delhi

Recently, my DOT charger stopped responding and lights were not blinking as well. Considering it is still in warranty I decided to contact nearest service center which was Noida Sector 10. They denied fixing this and I was asked to visit Patparganj Workshop as issues related to Dot Charger can be fixed only there. I then called travelled to Patparganj service center (~40kms) and submitted my Dot Charger for repair. I was told it will be done in a day and I can collect it the other day. Next day when I called, they said that the person who will fix this is absent so it will take another day, next day I called around lunch time and they acted like they just realised that a charger is submitted for repair, anyways they said it can take some time and if not fixed I’ll be provided a diff charger on which I agreed but asked that issue they found in the charger. They were blank, after some time I got a callback that the charger is fixed, I’ve to bring my scooter so that they can test the charging as it is linked to my scooter only. I told them I’ve a vehicle to be serviced as I’m facing some issues in it, they assured that it will be done when I’ll visit for collecting the charger. As my dot charger was down travelling 40kms was a challenge but luckily 2 days back there was a grid installed mid-way :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: which powered by journey.

When I reached the workshop, my charger was still not working even the lights were not green and I was told to wait. In like 15-20 mins I was told that my PRCD is faulty, and it needs to be replaced. I asked whether it is covered in warranty or not for which they denied. He offered me a second hand PRCD for 800₹ and quoted 1000₹ for a new one, I obviously opted for the new one, I don’t know what kind of negotiation was going on.

I mentioned some issues for which I needed service

  • Software Issue (Still on 5.3)
  • Mode change switch was not coming back to middle once released.
  • Belt was making too much noise
  • Washing the scooter (It was in shutdown mode since last 3 weeks due to dot failure and kind of messy :sneezing_face:)
  • Brake pad check

I was denied creation of servicing request (even for the issues listed) and told it will be done only when I reach my 15k Km milestone.

For washing he mentioned, a lot of vehicles are already in queue, and it will take time, but he said if you’ll pay 100₹ it will be done immediately :expressionless:

I had no option and paid 100₹ for this for which I was denied bill which I was expecting. Except washing, I was denied every other request. For software he mentioned that I’ll get an OTA. Wow :100: That genius forgot that I’m complaining regarding software only because I’m not getting OTA, I asked him to flash manually for which he said

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Now here comes the magical part:

I paid 1021₹ for the PRCD change that they did to fix my DOT charger and next day in app I was shown a bill of 150+GST = 177₹ only

I immediately created a ticket and got a call from Ather Delhi Team, and they mentioned that amount is for showing in Job Card, I can ignore that. I don’t know whether that lady was listening to herself before saying this :confused: I’m justing asking for a bill for an amount which I paid for, considering the unethical way of asking 100₹ for washing I smelled something fishy and it’s my right to ask for bill.

DID I MENTION THAT I’M ON ANNUAL PLAN OF Ather ASSURE WHICH INCLUDED PICKUP AND DROP! (Nearest Service Center of Noida is 14.8 Km) and yes the plan is Active.

The disappointing story of service at Delhi isn’t limited to this, last time when I visited Okhla for periodic service of 10k Kms then I was asked to pay labour charges as well and even that time I was on Service Subscription. (I raised ticket for this as well and after too many calls, mails I was asked to submit cancelled cheque, bank proof and what not, even when I’ve bank details added in Ather App. Still refund for that is pending)

And the free seat replacement which was promised on Community Day is still pending as well. Ticket is created for this also since ages, Service centers keep denying stating the stock is not available, this time before visiting Patparganj Service center also I asked Ather Team about seat replacement and service center manager said that they don’t have any communication or written proof for processing this request and I was asked to get this in written :face_with_spiral_eyes: (Please arrange this in written I don’t like to hear this after travelling for 40kms :sob:)

All these tickets are open since ages, with the recent one is open since a week. For all these issues I have travelled more than 30-40Km as the nearest service center opened recently in Noida. I even told them to pick up and drop my vehicle after replacing seat for which the Noida team is still speechless.

I would like to request Ather team to please close few of these service centers if you can’t keep knowledgeable and professional staffs. While travelling to service center people have lots of hopes that their issues will be resolved, I know people who have travelled more that 100+ kms as well and I can only think of the disappointment they had to face if such service was provided. It is such a waste of time, energy and completely ruins the overall customer experience.

Usually I don’t want to tag @tarun in threads but I would highly like to bring this to your notice as I’ve given up on customer support. Delhi NCR needs special attention in terms of the provided service.

With Ather I am always optimistic of service and look for a standard which Hyderabad Team has setup, it was top notch and every minute details were communicated, but Delhi is awful and pathetic to say the least.

My Series 1 is rocking but my Ather service experience hasn’t been the same since I left Hyderabad :smiling_face_with_tear:


We apologize for any inconvenience, Sumanjay, and want to help with your concern. To assist you further, we request to kindly share your registered contact number and vehicle Order ID via Inbox. Our team shall investigate this matter and reach out to you shortly.