Service centres with Tyre changing equips

Got my tires changed a sweet run of 11.5k kms in a span of 13months. Was shocked a bit about how quickly i had to get them changed, but the service technicians informed that 12k-15k kms was the average duration of the tyre wear.

Chose MRF over Ceat and Michelin (90/90 R12) As the stock grip was really for corners and I only could feel tail-outs in the last 2k kms in situations of hard braking.

Negative experience: The Ather service centre didn’t have a device to replace the tire. So they had it removed. And handed it over. I had ask for someone to pick me. Luckily me being in a Tier 2 city did not make it a big problem heading 4kms one way just to get a tire replaced. Additionally got bonus 5-6 scratches on the wheel as icing on the cake Cuz the belt and the brake rotor wouldn’t fit on the Tyre replacing unit.

I believe Service stations should have their own Tyre replacing units.

Never the least, Service and Customer experience from Patwa Auto Drive, Nashik has been the same warm and welcoming since the day I had the vehicle booked. Kudos to the team.


I too agree that the Ather Service Centres need to be well equipped to change tyres. Any mishandling at third party workshops can create serious damage to the rims. TPMS will be best supported only if tyre change is done by Ather at their centre. TPMS may show the tyre pressure, but a slight damage to the rim will eliminate the need of TPMS.

Sir, FYI at Ahmedabad there was NO stock of TPMS since September 22 the day I booked for me and even after delivery Show room Guys told me NOT available surprisingly told me that Not required …How ? I was repeatedly asked for Helmet too on Delivery day Only Vehicle given to me…5th Oct.22. Before Delivery i was told that Side Foot Rack {Rest} also required which was also After 15 days I visited Service Center and ask for fitting on my Vehicle… Still No TPMS is available…And you are telling that it’s worth for helping…How.?? Very Pathetic