Send to Scooter

This one feature is still struggling. No matter what I do, the location never gets sent to the scooter. In the rare occasions when it works, I am already half way to my destination. Btw, this feature is greatly useful because the navigation in the app avoids “car” routes which is damn great but if we can’t send it to the scooter it’s kinda alloying. What are your thoughts guys? Would you use this feature if it gets stable? :blush:


It’s usually a hit or miss and most of times i have noticed it works flawlessly when the dashboard network is good

And yeah nw just goes off frequently nowadays and I’ll have to restart each time


Yesterday evening I had the same problem… was traveling to a new location and send to scooter feature did not work… As usual, used my mobile to reach the destination. And nowadays the network goes down frequently and gets restored after restarting the scooter only. Hope Ather fixes these issues on a priority basis.


Hope it’s a software glitch and can be patched :crossed_fingers:


These are never ending bugs. Honestly they have come a long way in terms of making the software experience a lot more stable but bugs still exist and sometimes when you need the stuff to work, they don’t work. I have been planning a trip to Lonavala and these stuff either don’t work or are unreliable:

  • trip planner
  • send to scooter
  • the navigation option on scooter dashboard is not synced with the navigation in the app. And I don’t understand why…
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And the worst ever part is the Bluetooth connectivity :zipper_mouth_face:


I am happy to share that the recent update with trip planner has massively improved the “send to scooter” functionality. It’s really good and consistent. Thanks…! :heart:


For me, this only ever works if the Scooter is connected to my Phone via Bluetooth.

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Sounds weird because this feature doesn’t use Bluetooth. Hmm :thinking:


We faced a issue with the Feature in Ather trip @ChefARun

Coimbatore to Trissur Ride we lost 10kms we even dont know why Ather maps @ather has been detoured it made us take route other than highway


Its a Mistake of Google Maps bro :roll_eyes:


Got a 450x 3.1 last month and it always worked for me. With new update , it’s working from WhatsApp too.