Security of the e-bike

Hackers now can eavesdrop and set up traps through the GPS systems leading innocent riders to places other than their destination.

Probably ather shoupd also shift to Blackberry’s qnx rather than operating on Android.
Qnx is tested and trusted across global leaders who offer iot enabled platforms viz tyota (leader in six sigma)

Whereas i was hoping that someone /some developer can also make pro /plus packs useless. By just decrypting the simplest android os.

Nothing to worry, we will take all possible security measures to ensure your scooter and data are safe, and can only accessed by you.

Forget about accessing the owner’s information. Now hackers can deceive riders by manipulating the maps we use. By doing this the security of the RIDER is compromised primarily.

Ather has good security

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It would be equal to getting a hacker control gmaps and other apps on your phone. It is close to impossible unless we are living in a spy movie. Oh! And this might be possible if you have some malware game or app installed on your phone, but that is not again possible on the ather tablet.