Seat Height adjustment

Not sure same topic got raised before

I did a test ride today, everything I liked, only concern that I have is the seat height . I was planning to buy it for my wife, but I feel the height will be a problem. Is there a way to tweak seat height ?

I guess not. The seat is fixed to the frame.

I’ve the same concern. Can I do modification to (seat only) from any workshop? Is it possible? Will it affect the warranty? Is there any way company will do the modification for the customers?

I think you can and still retain warranty. Not warranty of the seat. If it tears you can’t ask ather. I’ve modified my seat it’s 2inches taller.
For shorter riders ather has scopped out the seat already. I wouldn’t suggest decreasing the height any more. But you can. You replace the soft foam with a thin firm foam.

Nope they just won’t :sweat_smile:. 3rs part seat shops are just fine too.

Seat can be adjusted to your requirement by adding some foam or cushion work to it. That doesn’t effect your warranty. Search for accessories in the forum and you will find the thread where lot of options are mentioned by other users based on your city of residence you can choose one of them or you can find someone by your own.