Seat Cover Review

First of all Thank you Ather for offering me a free seat cover. Also special thanks to @smridhi.kalati for personally looking into it an making sure process happens smoothly.

Been using the seat cover from past 1 week And here is my review on the product.

Seat material used is good and premium quality and also well made and soft to touch . Loved the way it is installed using straps easy to install.

Few things I noticed that could be improved that is the material is on smooth side so when riding it slip. it would be great if the material had some grip like pattern so person riding doesn’t slip and re adjust himself while riding. Other issue I found is locking of the seat. I have to press the seat bit harder to get it locked.

I was not able to test if water entering under seat storage or not due to no rains. Have a bit doubt since its comes on top of the rubber seal on the seat. Once i get to test it I’ll update it soon.

Rest loved the product.


Oh looks nice first time seeing from underneath


@arnab you didn’t got any of these for review? Are we paying for speaking the truth? :joy:

I got love letters.

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I have written whatever I felt about the product after a week of usage and not because i got it for free. I’ll update after few month of use.

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I’ve said nothing about you. The review you’ve given is most apt according to me. Simple and short.

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They love you so much :joy:

Thankyou for the honest review.

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Awaaa so much love…

Sorry for the misunderstanding :sweat_smile:

Nice review

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Sometimes I wonder why Ather never organises such stuff for Bhubaneswar customers !

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No problem. Always here with true Ather owners.

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They recently got highest consumer satisfaction score award tho.

For real ?

Yes. They did.

My Ather 450x is 3day old and i paid 999₹ for seat cover. Quality looks good and 1 year warranty given , we have see how it goes.

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