Riding Performance

~ Today is my 1st ride from home to office and I reached top speed 90km and happy to ride this scooter… ~ ODO meter shown exact km I traveled … ~ yesterday checked Map navigation and it’s works great … ~ all three riding mods working … ~ breaks working perfectly super control… ~ side indicator automatically switching off after taking turn… ~ above 50km speed motor goes very very smooth… ~ etc…

Only one bad thing am facing :frowning: Initial moving scooter getting vibration rubbing sound below the seat near to battery pack… (I thought there is something friction is getting , and I raised complaint query also through mobile app and waiting for reply)

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That’s normal for a new scooter. It’ll reduce after you hit 1000Km on your ODO. The sound is from the belt drive.


Today i achieved top speed 82km on hebbal flyover towards Yelahanka.

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Today 89 km max speed achieved :slightly_smiling_face:

I was reached 91km

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Was able to touch a top speed of 91km/hr on an empty stretch of road in sports mode. Vehicle was planted and no vibrations felt at that speed. However do not recommend that this be done on normal roads with traffic.

My biggest concerns right now on 450

  • 2G upgrade - will it happen
  • Will software development continue on 450
  • When will support stop