Riding an Ather450x - 500 KMs in A Day

Hey Atherites,

I am Arun from Coimbatore , Riding an Ather450x Past 8 and ½ Months

So Far, I rode my Black Panther to

  1. First Ev Rider to Reach 2000 KMs in 9 Days 6 Hrs - Coimbatore to Goa and Return - Ride named as Green Ride 2021 :green_heart: (I am keep Writing Blog and It will Reach forum Soon in 2-3 Weeks)

  2. 10,000 KMs ODO in 97 Days of Purchase

  3. First TN Ather to Ride - Kerala , Karnataka , Maharastra :green_heart:

  4. Completed 650 KMs Up and Down Ride to Kochi in 2 Days

  5. Completed 550 KMs Up and Down Ride to Calicut in 2 Days

  6. Completed 230 KMs Ooty Ride in One day , Includes 45 KMs Up Hill Ride - High Incline

  7. Completed 25,000 KMs ODO in 249 Days of Ather Purchase :green_heart:

Actually my Last Ride was to Calicut Ather Space , Planned to Complete 500 KMs in a Day.

Due to Unexpected Rain , I rode 360 KMs on First day then Stayed night a my Friend Home

Then Completed 550 KMs overall Ride in 2nd Day :sweat_smile:

If I plan Something , I need to Finish that - Until unless I can’t get Good Sleep

So I am gonna start a Ride from my Home to Calicut Ather Space in a Day Up and Down 500 KMs+

One Way it is 234 KMs Straight but I am gonna Take the Route from Malapuram Via Tirur Ather. So It will be More than 500 KMs :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I will Update my Ride and Every Charging Place by Editing this Topic :zap:

Keep Warping - Date will be Announced Soon

For Quick Update follow on Instagram - @coimbatore_ather_owners_tn

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Actually I planned to Ride tomorrow (23/04)

Just now i called Malappuram EC , They said Fast Charger has some issue.

So Maybe i ride next week for Sure


Sopper bro if Ather supports you u can do a all india ride and i know thats ypu big plan for future


EPIC stuff :zap::100:


Yeah bro , But I am gonna do it for sure. Even they help or not :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah , I will do it for Sure bro :zap:


All the best for this whole ride. This time climate will suite you to complete your target.


Yeah bro, I hope so and gonna Carry all the Rainwears :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Gonna do it very Soon and It will be on Another Post :green_heart:


Bro… when??


Soon bro Before end of June :handshake:


Probably have it on weekends…!