Ride to Kollam EC newly opened on 29/07/2022

Yesterday myself and my friend Sooraj both planned and started ride to visit Kollam EC which got opened on 29/07/2022. The EC is 87kms away from my place (Alleppey). Sooraj is from Kayamkulam, its 40+Kms far only to new EC.

I started by noon after lunch at home. On the way Sooraj joined me from Kayamkulam. Below are the ride details: Started ride at 01:07PM with 100% SoC.

After 50% SoC utilized done 55.5Kms at 23.3wh/km.

Reached EC with 80% utilization, done 87.2Kms at 22.7wh/km.

Had chat with new EC Team, as many are freshers to Ather. Did the Fast charging at New Grid 2 when we reached itself. Visited the Service area too, but one thing disappointed is only 2 bays available to do service. I dont think its sufficient, as in Kochi EC with 4+ bays its tough to manage. Anyhow lets expect upgrade soon.

Did test ride on Gen 3 Ather. Vehicle feels bit heavy compared to Gen 2. stability improved feels as weight increased. Rear View Mirrors are good and i liked it. The foot rest assembling point left on vehicle seems flimsy, i dont think it withstand for long time after fixing Ather Ladies footrest. Sharing few snaps herewith.

In this new EC noticed a cabin for Customers to wait, which is good one. But it could be smaller, so they get more space to have new bays for service. The Battery & Motor which was displayed is of Gen3, which looks similar to Gen2. So my query is if someone wish to upgrade existing Gen2 to Gen3 it may be possible. The RC also to be updated as per rule which is there. If anyone knows plz brief.

Return trip started with 97%SoC at 6:12PM, it was drizzling. Reached home by 9:04PM with 89% utilization done 87.2kms at 24.7wh/km. Due to rain the SoC and Efficiency of ride dipped.

Note: Service Station will be ready by Mid of August at Kollam EC. As of now only sales is Open. Approx waiting period is from 45days as per sales team info.

Below are the Ride Stats.


Great efficiency rides, both with projected range above 105km and a nice array of pics.

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Yu da man! Unbeatable range in :zap:

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