Ride statistics when?

Ather nibhayega 7 janam tak sath Ride statistics is janam k 7 janam baad update krenge Worst services by Ather in this region


Yes @smridhi.kalati could you confirm when will this feature be available on app. Please atleast continue giving monthly ride stats via mail like you have been sending until June Month.

'Coz you people take a lot of time to cook things in your lab.


Waiting for the same nobody cares it seems. Things are just happening random @atherspace.bglr

Hi @smridhi.kalati and @abhishek.balaji,

Could you please give clear picture of this feature and when this monthly ride stats is going to be available in app. Or Atleast continue giving monthly ride stats via mail so that we can pay our electricity bill to landlord.

Why are you people charging so much in the name of smart and intelligent scooter when it has started becoming dumb scooter.

You people take our data improve your product and we ask for simple monthly ride statistics you people are totally ignoring the depth of the issue.