Restore Web Portal for existing Ather owner

The most recent move of Ather Energy to discontinue web based portal has caused great inconvenience to Ather OWNERS. The my account section gave an organised record of right from the time bike was booked with an amount to the service history.

In the event of any call to be made to the customer care, it becomes inconvenient to access the Ather App and respond to queries at the same time from the same mobile device. Since the Ather Energy Company has taken a decision to have all customer related data and details only on the Ather App.

Even the Forum interface was much better on the portal and much convenient to access and use. Awaiting some positive news on this.

Kindly consider this as a positive feedback and effort to assist the team at Ather Energy to make the community interaction a much healthy and purposeful.

(Readers may consider to vote in favor) Thank you

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It’s like they have regular board meetings just to decide which featurse they want to pull or stop supporting next.


Bingo, you are hired :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m glad this is being discussed. The mobile-only experience is a downgrade most of the times, especially for those of us who prefer the comfort of big screen navigation. The website had so much information arranged conveniently. Now it’s just going to be a maze of navigating pages and links. I have no idea who tells these companies that moving everything to the app somehow ‘enhances experience’. Trust me, it just makes it super frustrating! Pretty sure most of the times it’s just a poor attempt of an excuse for companies not wanting to spend double between website and app pages’ design/upkeep.

On that note, does anyone know where in the app can I find the credit history (i.e. credit accrued, used up, etc.)? Maybe I’m plain stupid, but I’m struggling to get to it ever since the website decided to show me a page asking me to use the app when I try to access my account.


Yeah absolutely. These kinds of unnecessary moves just irk the customers. They easily can just put a dynamic view of the same content that adapts to the UI and the app!


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