Required Ather grid in North chennai

There is no ather grid in North chennai, requesting to plan and setup in North chennai.

Perambur will be the right place to cover the North chennai surroundings.

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Yess There is no grid available on ambattur , Avadi , Perambur

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Map shows one in Avadi.

Ather might have good idea where their users are put up. Based on the data and user request they can plan the grid setup.

I have seen many Athers roaming in Parrys and Mannadi. Hope they start with Parrys first. Much needed and surely one charging point will not be enough. The challenge would be to find an empty spot. Parking is extremely tough during High Court working hours. May have to look for some point further north like Mannadi, Royapuram or Beach Station.


Agree with anjath…