Request for Staff Oversight at Ather Charging Grids

After the free period for Ather charging grids, please assign a staff member or attendant to oversee the charging process on a first-come, first-serve basis. They can charge vehicles up to 80-100% and safely park them aside. Currently, some people are forcefully unplugging other vehicles even before they reach 80%, which can damage the charging socket. I had a bad experience at an Ather grid, so I thought of sharing this idea.

i don’t think this will be economically feasible, unless they charge an exorbitant rate for using the Grid. even car chargers don’t have attendants.

a better idea would be to train the people under whose property the grid is installed, or use the scooter screen to show a video teaching charging ethics to the Grid user lol


Keeping an eye on our scooter while charging in grid is the only solution.


Yes, we owners should be responsible for ourselves, and for others too just like we do on the roads.