Rental of bikes

Hey guys, i was browsing through facebook and i came across this post, i have attached the screenshots. A guy from Banglore has put up a post saying he is renting his Ather 450, is that even allowed or is it legal to do that. Im confused.

Why not it’s his property I guess.

I don’t think it’s geniune add… because this EV is registered for personal use only not for rent. For commercial use We need to register the vehicle in comercial category.(Presently I don’t think there is any policy for commercial two wheeler in Karnataka)

He may have or haven’t heard of that maybe.

@saalimkola can probably give you a clear answer.

Think there is. Seen quite a few yellow board activas under drivezy.

Hi all

I have two ather for rental on commercial registration that is Yellow plate

Do contact me if interested to rent thanks and regards mohamed Saalim

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Which city?

Bangalore only