Regen brake light

I noticed that brake lights does not come on during regen. I think it would be best for the brake lights to turn ON while the vehicle is in regen mode since the vehicle slows down.


I too wished it did that… But then realised all the energy generated in ReGen would be lost in lighting up the tail lamp :joy::joy::joy:

What I really wish is, the ReGen to continue all the way till 0 Km/h rather that disengaging at 20Km/h.


Not really, Keeping on all the lights of the scooter the headlight, drl, brake light, these things barely consume charge. Like it uses 1% for ~3 to 4 hours. So if you use regen constantly from 80-20 km/h, the energy restored can be used for dashboard, headlight, tail light for atleast 3 hours.

There will not be much difference if the brake light is turned on while using regen.


The brake lights do not consume a lot of current. My point is that at some point it will become a safety hazard when the vehicle that is following me does not realize that I am slowing down without using brakes.


Don’t think the Regen will slow your scooter as fast as much as hitting the brakes does. You slowing down by releasing the throttle shouldn’t be same as you hitting your brakes, in my opinion, it gives enough time for the vehicle behind to see your scooter slowing, and they can slow down too.


During night and while raining, it might be difficult to judge the vehicle speed. Brake lights do not need to come ON when releasing throttle, only when using regen. I try to use regen whenever I see a speed breaker and only apply brakes at the last stretch. Even though regen does not have strong braking when compared to applying the brakes manually, it is possible to get the same braking action by slightly manually applying brakes. So, the tail lamp should light up indicating that the vehicle is slowing down regardless of regen or manual braking.


I believe this actually comes down to road safety regulations. The application of brake light is to happen only above a certain threshold of decelertion (in g OR m/s^2). The current calibration of regen in Ather 450X & 450 is such that the max deceleration it could ever produce is under that threshold.

But then, if at a point an Atherstack update increases regen torque level quite significantly, I am pretty sure that we will also see the brake lamp turning on while applying forced regen-braking.