Regarding number plate cover and tempred glass

It’s been 2 months since I got the delivery of my Ather 450 x from nagpur dealership named Aryodaya etron pvt ltd

From the day one i am asking for tempered glass and number plate cover but there is no availability every time i visit showroom they will say sir come next week

Dealership charges for both the items

Please let me know if anyone have ordered online or from any reliable vendor so that I can also order the same.


Tempered glass, there are many on Amazon, you can go with any one you like. Try to ask a local vendor as well, maybe they have a matching size. its the same as installing on a phone screen.

number plate cover can be done at any local mechanic or bike related shop. it should cost around 100-200 for both front and back


Dealership is charging 500₹ for both

They’re not official accessories from Ather. The dealer is selling it by themselves, you can get the same for less price from other offline vendors, or from Amazon as well. But remember to check the size and quality.


Tempered glass screen protectors are designed to protect the screen from scratches and cracks. However, they can also trap heat, which can lead to screen burn-in. We are talking about a vehicle which is going to be exposed to a lot of heat in direct sunlight, and tempered glasses does not despite heat.

I would recommend not using a tempered glass as it’s cons overweigh the pros. But if you still decide to go with one, use a screen protector which is designed to despite heat.


Yes agreed that it’s not an official thing but dealer saying they have been ordering from a Delhi based vendor who is providing specifically designed for Ather scooters both glass and number plate cover


Thanks for letting me know about tempered glass , but number plate cover is must i guess as while washing the sharpe edge of number plate are dangerous


Yes, I remember the Ather team saying not to use rain handle cover as it will trap heat inside. People still use tempered glass though. I myself don’t use it as I didn’t see any benefit. The display itself is glass which resists scratches. You just need to see if there’s a coconut tree before you park. :stuck_out_tongue:

Plus, the plates bend easily. But you can get that anywhere, plates are of standard size.


are you sure? screen burn-in is an OLED/CRT problem, it does not happen on an LCD (used in the Ather)

infact, LCDs are the most resilient to heat out of all. also i find it hard to understand how tempered glass would ‘trap’ heat. there’s no space between the protecter and the display glass. heat in the HMI is dissipated via the heatsink and fan at the back of it.

there had been an issue with older Tesla Model S/X cars where the LCD screen would ‘leak’ (usually with age, but accelerated by sun and heat) but it was fixed in the newer iterations. similar is the case with Ather AFAIK. the issue was seen on very few scooter in very early batches, but i dont think anyone has had an issue like that on newer batches


Only one issue that I can think of with tempered glass, is glue residue on removal. but a good quality screen protector along with regularly replacing it should help you avoid that!


The original plates are riveted in which proves a challenge while changing them.


The heat trapping issue people regard to might be due to minor ridges between the screen and cowl being blocked, they act as vents in dissipation of heat and for passing cool blow onto the screen. But a well placed tempered glass doesn’t cover the vents same can’t be said of a cut out screen guard.


Screen guard is not an official accessory from Ather but numberplate guard is an official accessory from Ather actually. Ather provides Ather branded number plate cover, how ever it is little costly than what we get outside for same quality.

Regarding screen guard I use a screen guard purchased in amazon. Only Spigen sells tempered glass all other brands are not tempered glass they are screen protectors only. How ever I use screen protector only which I purchased long back when no other options available and it works pretty good even after 2.5 years no issues.


Umm. No. That’s just wrong.

I’m sure that are better sources than Wikipedia Screen burn-in - Wikipedia

but i leave it to you to find them

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This is the active cooling system which is built under the dashboard. I’m talking about the passive cooling mechanism which relies on the properties of the material to dissipate heat without the use of external mechanisms.

When the vehicle is parked in the sun, passive cooling becomes crucial for heat dissipation. However, using a third-party tempered glass screen protector with inferior materials may impede heat dissipation, potentially leading to screen burn-in.

You are right about burn-in only happens on OLED/CRT. What I mean by burn-in is the actual screen (not pixels) are turned into yellow like actual ‘burn’ effect damaging the screen itself. Not sure if there is a term for this scenario.


Why you not purches it from open market it’s cost 120Rs for both

Soo screen protectors, should we or should we not?