Reduced range after atherstack 5.10

Is anyone else getting way too much drop down in range after atherstack 5.10 update? From 110km in warp mode to just 70-80km max for me


I just completed 98Km with 15% left on warp mode day before yesterday.

And on return trip 82km with 28% left, again on warp mode. So, it’s been constant to me.

May I know the average speed by which you travelled and kw/h consumed

I travelled today morning around 3km with 15avg speed and max speed was 45 and in 3km it went down 5% I don’t have ride insight as phone was switched off :smiling_face_with_tear: I will travel in evening I will show that screenshot

Here you go. Consider last 2 rides as one. And the first one is my return trip.

On the first ride, I took a wrong left turn and wind up 16-17 Km in wrong directions, hence the trip distance is more :sweat_smile:, plus I had to switch modes as the road was very poor and didn’t want warp mode as it gives power surge in every bump.

Second ride was smooth.

Edit: More info, along with helmet and other riding safety gear, the weight would have been 80+Kg and I checked the air in the tyres before riding. I’m not very patient person like many record breakers in the community here, plus it was 180Km ride so kept my speed between 55-70kph.

Also check the tyre pressure and if the brakes are getting hot. That could be the reason as well.

How do I know if th brakes are hot

Ride for few Kms without using brakes (you can use regen here) and check immediately after by touching the brake disk (be careful here). If it is hot then get the brakes checked by SC

My projected range eco mode vs sports mode :joy::joy:


I don’t have see any reduce on my Ather

Just look at my projected range eco mode vs sports mode

Something’s definitely wrong with my Ather. Even when driving at ridiculously slow speed, getting such a high power consumption.

Just 6 months old.

Get it checked at service center. This doesn’t look normal :sweat_smile:.

If they don’t find any issue they might ask you to leave the scooter with them for range test and other stuff which might take 2-4 days. Just FYI.

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Did you check the tyre air pressure

Looks like a software bug. Going to service centre doesn’t make sense…

He is getting range drop in real life not just a matter of app showing more Wh/km. And even if this is SW bug, he has to visit service center for BMS reset/flash.

Waiting for 5000 kms service.

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