Recycling Ather battery packs

Ather is picking up market in each urban city. Sooner or later there will be lots of electric vehicles on road with other companies too. Just to know about procedure of disposal of Ather batteries. As per my knowledge battery waste will be an issue of future, how Ather is handling disposal of scrap batteries?


This is a great question, I too am curious to know how Ather would handle batteries post use/replacement. Giving environmental responsibility importance early on would be an encouraging indicator that the company cares about more than just sales.


I heard that the batteries which needs to be replaced for EV still has lot of juice in it and can be used for secondary purposes like backup for lifts, inverters or other places where low power batteries are used. These are much higher grade and compact in size compared to local auto or inverter batteries


Heard about battery recycling and batteries second life?? Don’t worry, batteries coming to end of life won’t be much of a problem. Cheers…!

Mishra Ji, Batteries second life is heard so the question arised. If you are from Ather please share your credentials. I am just concerned about how Ather takes care of the batteries afterlife.

Mishra ji… !! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: anyway, batteries out there are still too early to reach any considerable degradation. So, recycling is still not a major concern. Is Ather into recycling? Well, am not sure. But am sure there will be plenty start ups in the near future.