Ready to level up your riding skills? Ather Wheeecamp Bengaluru

We’re back with the second edition of Ather Wheeecamp, where you can level up your riding skills with an Ather scooter, on a race track!

Our trained instructors from Indimotard will work with you through the day to sharpen your skills on:

  1. Throttle control
  2. Vision
  3. Cornering
  4. Braking

If you’re interested in attending, register on the form below!

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Super opportunity.

Mann I’ve got my exams then…

Next day exams :skull:

I thought we moving across cities, and wished there was someway for other city people to attend the same.


Guess it’s over now

Just missed this opportunity. Can I just come up to spectate? @abhishek.balaji

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Abhishek I lost my Prime Forum ID Help me get it Back, No DATA is here

I Lost it by Ather Software Team

What with what have you lost???