Range of the 450x

Hello Sir, My Name is Shuhail , I’m from Thalassery _Kannur. I heard that in this February last ather 450x launching in calicut-Kerala …that is why i was booked on 22-feb. and this is my referral code “HLL4VA “ ;

In Kannur I’m a sales executive in City’s Master Chef pvt.Ltd. Malapuram, And i have to travel lot here and there in kannur district for the purpose of my work so that I’d like to buy this scooter . If i buy ather And if I need to charge while travelling were will I get the charging point… will you place the charging points on main towns of kannur .normally I’ll ride upto 70-80km or sometimes i have to ride 110km or 120km up and down… but i can take a break for 30-1hr in the middle of my work …but I want to know that, is there any problems for having continuous long drive…I’m already booked ather450x so while I’m buying ather 450x how many charging points will available in all over kannur district in Kerala is it available the charging slots in every petrol pumps/malls or ist possible to charge from other companies charging points .can you provide the charging points at-least in 6 or 7 main towns of kannur…? (At any place of 1. Thalassery town,2.Kannur town,3.iritty town,4.Peravoor town, 5.kuthuparamb town,6. panoor town, 7. Matool/papinissery town… if you are ready to support me definitely I’ll also support my best for recommending people to buy ather… I don’t know your mail id to contact officially that is why I’m asking you from this page

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So far Ather has not provided fast charging points outside the city limits of the cities they have launched. They have announced only about Kochi in Kerala and have provided Grids in Kochi. So I don’t think they will provide in Kannur any time soon. You can travel with a portable charger and charge on the way, but they are normal chargers which takes 4-5 hours to charge fully.


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I from Kannur i have already pre ordered … i wil take it from kochi bring bak to kannur

Bro i have also pre order i am from kannur . There is no charging point in kannur . It wont come soon. Kseb is providing ev charging point . U cant charge ather over there… it wont come soon in calicut . U can expect in 2022 only. But u can take vehicle from kochi to kannur … i am taking from kochi


Im from Thalassery…and im working in all over kannur for a distributors ,were are you in kannur … bro…if you don’t mind this is my insta id Shuhail630 msg me

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Ather 450x can travel from 50km to 100km by your driving style of using 0.5% to 2% soc per km. Grids are fast chargers which reduces battery life cycle, so slow charging (pod or apc) is recommended . For 1 hour, 20% soc gets charged in pod(home charger) and apc ( ather portable charger). If you choose apc while payment process will be easier to get charged in any 5amp socket anywhere available near parking near 2 meters(or use extension cable). Driving in 450x is not comparable to any scooters or bike in india upto 300cc for pickup. I use to drive 18km in 25mins with 25 to 35% soc reduces from 100%. If you have time top-up charge using apc anytime.


Hi. I am from Calicut and I am also planning to take the vehicle from Kochi. Would like to connect with you. Please share your contact details via email. arungr.me@gmail.com