Ram Mohan’s Ownership Experience

Journey from 8th December to 1st March was exciting and filled with confusions as well. The major disruption was when 450X was announced on January 06, but I started tilting towards 450 slowly as the economics was not in favour of 450X. Then came the launch of Chetak, followed by TVS-iQube. I went ahead booking a Chetak as well, but dropped iQube as I was not in favour of hub mounted motor stuff. Chetak indeed looks beautiful, but I firmed up mind on 450 and retained my booking. Then came the big day, 01 March 2020, when I took delivery of my “WHITE LILY”. Me and my wife reached the EC, Indiranagar and delivery process took just 30 minutes. It was a smooth affair and drove home the engineering beauty with my wife on pillion. Never ever have I felt the confidence in taking possession of a new vehicle…but, me and wife enjoyed the ride of 13km to our nest in Gokula, Mathikere. A well crafted machine with a perfect balance made our ride as smooth as butter. I felt it was better even than my outgoing beauty “Vespa-LX 125”, another premium vehicle and known for a superb ride balance, though it was a bit lacking in cornering ability. Having moved from approximately 19 years of riding bike, I found Vespa a bit difficult to handle (but my daughter got used to it well) for a few days. But this was not to be seen in case of Ather. Moving from one premium product to another premium is an experience. After the customary Pooja on the same day, it was time to put my “White Lily” to use to ride to the first working week. A head turner, it turned out to be. I was asked a few questions by those waiting for green light to turn on. One question I wasn’t comfortable was being asked by strangers on how much it costs…worried about my safety.:grinning:

I rode her in Ride mode for the first two days. I switched over to Sport mode thereafter. The excitement on posting the ride details continue unabated. I slowly hit the sub 30wH/km. I am now howering around 26-29 most of the time. I am a sedate rider not crossing 45kmph on any of the two wheelers. I am getting a predicted range of 85km in Sport Mode. I now tell people that I get 80km as against 55km advertised by Ather. Handling of the bike is exceptional. Braking is impeccable and I not have the anxiety that I used to have on my Vespa. Though I rarely honk, I do enjoy the loud bang it throws out. Self cancelling indicators have at most of the time been a miss, but I am least bothered about it. Moving from conventional yellow headlights to white LED was a bit of concern. I have not yet got an opportunity to go in for a full test of the headlight, but I feel it can be made better in terms of focus and throw…perhaps it needs a bit of adjustment. Got used to absence of centre stand…but it’s a miss by Ather. Passing light switch feature may please be incorporated as the high/low beam switch is not the substitute for this feature. Storage space is great. Me and wife were happy to stuff in weekly consignment of vegetables during our ride on the day of delivery. I commend Ather for this. The bike looks smaller in the first look but it’s comfortable for two to ride. I enjoy the seating position and it’s ergonomics as much I used to enjoy in my Vespa. As a tribute to Indian women, Ather should come out with an accessory that enables saree clad women can hop to the scooter and have a comfortable ride. The only concern I have while riding is the “WHEE” triggering the neurons of the canines…some give a glare…some losing the race against “White Lily”. Learning to be careful about this. I have drawn a lot of inputs on charging pattern, acceleration modulation etc from my friends here in the forum. I thank all for the great inputs. The most happiest moments are when I ride my 450 Into a fuel station only to fill air.:blush: I need to ride more to share more of my ride experience with all here…but today my Ather makes me feel 25 at the age of 52. Am I the senior most owner of all here? @abhishek.balaji - any statistics to substantiate my claim?


You are 25. Just spent 52 years to reach there. That is why you brought an Ather in the first place.