Questions for Dec 2019 Bangalore owners' meet

Hey folks attending the @Owners-meet-Dec19,

The Owners’ meet will have a Q&A session and from the past owners’ meets, we’ve found that it’ll be more productive to get your questions beforehand, since we’ll be having a large number of attendees this time.

Some rules for posting in this thread:

  • Ask questions which will help everyone.
  • Ask each question as a separate post.
  • Use the like button to bump up a question instead of reposting it
  • Use this thread only for questions and not for any discussions, to avoid clutter

We’ll be answering as many questions as we can, prioritizing the ones with most likes. The remaining questions will be answered in the open sessions after the event.

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When will we get any insight on this new Product Ather is speculated to be working on (with a more competitive price point)?


Will ather consider setting up a grid point between Bangalore and Mysore-ever?

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Is there really no fix that ather is working on for the sticky (uneasy roatation) throttle issue a few of us are facing. Do we just have to get used to it and deal with it ?
Ps- I understand that lubricating it might interfere with wiring. But no solution around it ?


When some issue occurs to the battery/part and if it has been replaced with a loaner one, is there any way we identify our own battery/part. Like a part number or something else ?
Because it’s like one of the few important parts.

Timeline for the dark mode via OTA update.


The monthly newsletter seems to have had a silent death! I would have been delighted to see the news of Ather opening the plant in Tamil Nadu, the bike and low cost ather plan and such in the newsletter and not in news papers. So bring back monthly newsletter.


How many athers are on the Bangalore streets as of now?