Public charger outskirts of Chennai

When can we except public charging stations outside chennai like Pulicut via redhills, thachur, ponneri, Pulicut beach It’s helps for us. Every weekly refreshing Saturday ride to outside chennai

Ather considers their scooter as an urban mobility scooter. So doubtful to see these locations with grid points.

PS- secretly waiting for a reply from ather saying, we’ll be surprised.

It’s not too far away from chennai it’s outer from chennai around the radius 55 Km to 70 Km one charger can helps go to the spot and need one more charge to get back home mostly all bikers and cycling peoples visit Pulicut beach every Saturday’s morning sun rise plan so it will be use to get outer radius people’s to get this scooter also

Kolathur grid at Northwest Chennai was somewhat supportive for Pulicat ride from Chennai(we already travelled), but that Grid also removed now. Ather must come up with Grid points in North Chennai soon for travel to Northern spots and also for north side owners use.


But if it is in only in Kolathur spot it won’t much supportive because from Kolathur to Pulicat it’s takes Up and down 150 kms and we need to travel towards L&T kathupali so if possible to be in ponneri only one station it will be much helpful for chill rides

^ What he said. As of now we’re targeting Ather Grid chargers only within city limits, where there’s be a lot of users who can use it for their daily commutes. For trips outside the city, you can use a portable charger to top up with any 5A/16A socket.

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